Building a Niche Site – The first several crucial steps

When building your niche site, you need to know what you want to present and eventually sell to potential customers. Since affiliate marketing and generally online sale is in high demand these days, we prepared a few steps that you should follow if you are building your niche site.

Choosing My Niche

My chosen niche is going to be healthy eating. I know from previous experiences that a blog about eating healthy will be very popular. I know the competition will be a little be harder then normal but I think that this will not be that big of a deal. I have been using social media a lot lately and its the secret to getting targeted traffic (if done correctly) early on and really ranking in the search engines long term. I know a lot of people kinda throw up a twitter account at random, post occasionally and do not have any real PLAN when it comes to social media marketing, they just do it cause everyone else is.

I’m going to try to cut the website int different chunks with my categories. For example I might do something like this with my categories: Smoothies Gluten Free Recipes,Vegetarian Foods,Foods For Weight Loss, Quick and Easy Healthy Salads etc.

This will allow me to cast a large net over time, yet still be pretty niche targeted in the beginning. This is something you should always plan for just in case the site has more potential then what you initially thought. Why make 10 separate websites about these categories when I can make one and do half the work to rank it for the keywords. Neither appproach is bad, I would just prefer a supersite for now. Maybe afterwards I can make really specific niche sites, once I know whats selling.

 Choosing My Keywords

I have decided to go with the keyword “Healthy Eating” as my main keyword I am targeted on my homepage. This means my whole website will generally be trying to rank for this keyword. This is the long term plan, and whats going to happen in the beginning is I will rank for long tails, and then eventually the main keyword.

So for now the main long-tail I am going to go after is “Healthy Eating On a Budget.” As I work on ranking my homepage for this keyword it will also help me rank for “healthy eating.” Once I rank for “healthy eating on a budget” I will move onto another long-tail and then keep going until I start to get picked up for “Healthy Eating.”

As for that I have chosen ten additional keywords that I will each target with a post. Each post will have a main keyword and then several long-tails as well for additional traffic. Here is an example of a post I will be doing to get you a general idea.Main Keyword: Green Tea Smoothie.

As you can see you can get a general idea of what I will be doing with this website. By the way, if you didn’t know I am finding these keywords by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and my Keyword Research Methods.

 Registering the Domain Name

The next step is to pick a domain name. I believe that just a general domain name that sounds good is fine. The only thing I want to make sure I have in the url is the keyword “healthy eating.” I also want a domain that sounds good and will allow for easy branding. I have decided to use the following domain name:

 Social Media

I have decided to use social media as well. I will be making the website its own Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook page. I will set these up so that they will automatically update with the blog. This way I am getting content out to others. I will probably also be using Pintrest as well since pictures will probably work very well with the style of blog I will be making.

 How I Plan To Monetize

As I already mentioned in my last post I will be using Google Adsense To monetize this blog, however I will probably write some kindle books and interlink them with the blog as this method is working VERY well for me at the moment, and I have heard others tell me the same. The books will be used as extra content, show authority and make some money on the side.

Right now all I have is the basics set-up. I will go through some theme selection, and what type of plugins I want, as well as on-page SEO but we will talk about that on some other ocassion. This was just a brief introduction to building your niche site.

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